Single services


As social beings, relationships are integral part of our lives – whether romantic, business, casual, family or group.

Very early on in our lives we create a blue print for our relationships which can facilitate healthy, equal relationships or relationships that are less fulfilling or even unhappy.

I work with clients to become aware of their own Attachment style as well as the thinking and behavioural patterns that have developed for them – looking at how these patterns help or hinder their self-esteem and relationships – whether family, work, romantic, social or group relationships.

Understanding and working through the complex situations created by affairs is another of my specialisms. In this time of mobile phones and constant access to a variety of ‘options’ such as hook up sites, online porn, cybersex and so on, the lines of what is acceptable and not have been blurred and can create problems. I work either with one party or both to find a way through these situations.